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The economic success of (digital) products depends to a large extent on a solid UX strategy. We help you with workshops and trainings to adapt your company structure to the methods of user-centered design in the long term so that you can optimize your internal processes for UX in the same way as you do for your customers.


We conduct workshops at events, conferences, and online to make the field of user experience more visible and to provide as many people as possible with tools for a successful implementation of customer centered design methods.


We train employees on-site and online to build up the necessary know-how in your company and lay the foundation for a successful implementation of the methods. By focusing on the needs of your customers, your company will make a measurable impact. 


We give talks at conferences or events to share and discuss our findings in the field of user experience design with the community. 

UX Maturity Cards

To determine the maturity level of your company in terms of user experience in a playful way, we have developed a set of cards that not only helps you to rank your competencies, but also gives you concrete measures to take your products, processes and corporate culture to the next level.


of all companies have a low UX maturity level (level 2/5 or less)

MeasuringU Study (2017)


Employee coaching

For Detecon Consulting, we trained management consultants on the topic of "UX Management" in order to promote user-centered innovation in their projects. We provided insights into the work and organization of UX teams, and individual project assistance.

UX Community

Aktivität in der deutschsprachigen UX Community

In addition to our projects, we are very passionate about our work in the UX community. We already had the opportunity to share our experiences at the following events:

    • Industrial Usability Day
    • Würzburger Web Week
    • Mensch und Computer / German UX & Usability Professionals Association
    • Mobile Media Day
    • World Usability Day
    • UX Barcamp Europe
    • Innovationsforum Mainfranken
    • Tagung Usability in Germany
    • as well as numerous scientific conferences in the fields of UX, Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology, Design Research and Computer Science

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